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Defend the gold eggs from the Fox Clan!


Series 2 - Minting now!

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What is EGGS World?

EGGS World is a community-driven storytelling project set in a fantasy land of cute, little chicks! The chicks must protect their prized golden eggs from malicious forces from trolls to demons and even from other malicious chicks.

The chicks are NFTs on the Cardano blockchain that you own give you the power to vote for important elements of the story. You guide the young chick, Cuthbert, on his journey. Will he become a brave knight or a powerful mage? Will he challenge his foes or flee at first sight?


It's up to you.

Earn and win exclusive collectibles!

2 - Adania Farm-folk Chick.png
6 - Thief Kou.png
3 - Adania Wood Chick.png
7 - Sleigh Chick.png
4 - Adania Broken-tooth Chick.png
8 - Lunar Rabbit Chick.png
5 - Adania Cult-of-the-Eye Chick.png
9 - Flare Space Emperor Chick.png

By joining our community and holding our NFTs, you get the chance to win exclusive collectibles. These 1/1 collectibles are unique and come with the same voting power as our other chicks, but with that extra little bit of flair.

We have collaborated with projects like Adania to create chicks that are usable for both EGGS World and Adania, giving them dual functionality. We have also provided an exclusive prize chick to a Wolves of Rome tournament based on one of their own Empire Wolves.

What are you waiting for? Come join our Discord and get involved!

The Story

Cuthbert is a humble little chick that dreams of adventure. When his friend's gold eggs are stolen by a chick from the Fox Clan, Cuthbert is called to action. His bravery is recognised by the defenders of the kingdom, the Knights Guild, the Mages Guild and the Rogues Guild, and he is given the opportunity to join one of these factions.

The story, shaped by our community, is available as both an NFT and a physical book that you can read and display proudly on your shelf.

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How to get involved?

The best way to get involved is to come join our Discord. Discuss the story, get involved in the project's evolution, and vote the story along how you see fit. Our NFTs are available on the secondary market and through giveaways.

In order to expand who can get involved in bringing EGGS World to fruition, we launched Series 2 to allow us to raise the funds to grow as well as onboard people who care about what we are building.

The beauty of EGGS World is that you do not need to hold one of our NFTs to enjoy our story. If you want to explore our world, then come join us regardless of what you hold!

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