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EGGS World Collections

EGGS World's has variety in our collections. Our main series of NFTs are used for voting the story along and this includes Series 1, Christmas Series, Event Series and Series 2.

We also have our book series of collections that will allow you to own your very own digital copy of each volume of our light novel series. Each volume will be available both physically and digitally, so you will never be able to miss out.

Series 1 - Chicks

The original series of 101 chicks that have were used to launch EGGS World. These little villagers helped shape the beginnings of our universe and continue to do so today.

They're sold out and are only available on the secondary market.

Policy ID: 720f9c95131ddc324734aafe0963b5c2d23eeb5a2abb2acd499fde1a

Christmas Series

A limited-time collection of chicks with a Christmas theme. Similar to Series 1, they can be used to vote in the story, but may not have the same long-term benefits.

Only available on the secondary market.

Policy ID: 05d78d336c38a8e1dc2323f8fd866d97148d2287b1ffe45e52dfbd77

Event Series

An exclusive series of 1/1s that are raffled, competition prizes, auction candidates, etc. They're given out to the community in various ways, so join the Discord to keep up to date on events.

They're only available on the secondary market.

Policy ID: 47314caa1c5e79717c0420e0a8b5c2fff66677c15a44c473e1f39fe2

Series 2 - Faction Chicks

A series of 1,000 chicks made up of four factions: the Knights Guild, the Mages Guild, the Rogues Guild and the Fox Clan. These chicks serve as the next phase of bringing EGGS World to a wider audience.

Available to mint on our 'Store' page.

Policy ID: 1940386468af900898c83e9d36e0abf4aedf49a60a588964d2aedbbb

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EGGS World Books

NMKR Pay.png

Own a piece of the fantasy tale that forms the EGGS World. You can purchase them as NFTs or you can buy a physical version to place on your bookshelf.

Volume 1 - eBook and Paperback

Buy on Amazon!

Volume 1 - NFT (20 ADA)

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